About Us

We’re a group of best friends who want to speak into women’s hearts with what

God’s revealed to us about how beautiful, valuable, and powerful women are meant to be. PINC magazine

was an idea Priscilla first recieved from an encounter with God.

Her heart had always been to minister to young women her age,

and God showed her a practical way to reach out to them – through an online magazine.

When she asked her girlfriends for support, they all jumped in, whether to be a writer,

photographer, or intercessor, and

now we have a team working together to make www.pincmagazine.com happen.

The name PINC, or Princess in a Castle, came from a revelation Priscilla had.

She was having trouble finding a job after graduating from college,

and she was slowly getting more and more disappointed.

Out of frustration, she said to her husband (at the time her boyfriend),

“I feel like a princess with so much potential, stuck in a castle. It’s as if God is being way too overprotective of me.”

Right after she said that, she realized that she was a princess in a castle

and her Father was protecting her – protecting her from a path that was not meant to be hers.

Finally Priscilla was able to listen to the Father’s heart

and hear what He had to say: she felt like He wanted her to start a movement with Him for young women.

It’s about time women started believing they are royalty, that they are beautiful, and that they are LOVED and wanted.

We as a team want to help women find their identity in Christ

and show them practical and spiritual ways to live out their calling.

We believe that the Holy Spirit has said yes (smile) to the beginning of this movement

and we’re excited to see what He will do from this point forward.


the PINC team