And we’re back!

And we’re back!

Hello, beloved readers!

We are bubbling with joy and great hope as we reenter into the vision God has for PINC. During the time we have been resting, God has been speaking to each of us individually about His heart for this ministry, and we are excited to move with Him.

It has been an exciting year already, filled with weddings, babies and new jobs, and we are now recharged with greater love and passion to release whatever God puts on our hearts to write to you about.

We don’t know exactly what God wants to do in this new season with the PINC family (including you, precious one!), but He has placed such a great anticipation in our hearts for the beautiful, amazing and unexpected.

So please, join us on this new adventure as we venture out into new territories of beauty, love and hope with God – we are thoroughly excited.


Priscilla and the PINC team

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