Body + Love: the healthy way

Body + Love: the healthy way


Body + Love: the healthy way

Health is an option – no stress required. Let’s honor God and care for the bodies He gave us!


It’s grilling season! A day in the backyard with checked tablecloths, lemonade, charcoal, sunshine, friends and family – and, of course, some pretty incredible food.

How to make your grill a healthy one:

-Choose lean cuts of meat and lean ground beef for your hamburgers

-Grill chicken (no skin)

-If you’ve just gotta have hot dogs, go with a low sodium, organic option (example: Applegate Farms’s organic chicken, turkey or beef dogs)

-Cut bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and zucchini into chunks, skewer onto kabob sticks, and grill alongside the meat

Now go and enjoy the sweet taste of summertime.


Don’t forget to get your stretch on!

Three stretches for better mobility:

1) Torso twist: Lay on your back and hug your left knee to your chest. Bring your left knee towards your right ribs and, if possible, allow it to touch the ground on the right side. Keep your shoulders on the ground but allow your left hip to rise. You should feel a significant twist in your torso. Breath deeply five times, then repeat with the right leg.

2) Hamstring stretch: Place your right foot about two feet in front of your left foot. Hinge at the hips over your right leg. You should feel a stretch in your right hamstring. If you can’t reach the ground, find a stool or other surface to stabilize yourself. Breathe deeply five times, then repeat with the left leg.

3)Hip stretch: Sit on the ground with your legs crossed “lotus style.” Hinge forward from the hips until you feel a stretch “behind” the hip. Breathe deeply five times, then switch your top leg and repeat.


I have a challenge for you…you ready? I challenge you: to get a massage. Massages are good for blood circulation, to loosen scar tissue, to relax muscles and to relieve pain. If you can’t afford a professional massage, make a deal with a friend and give each other shoulder massages. You’ll be feeling great in no time.

Love your bodies, stay healthy.


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