Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

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Hello lovely ladies!

Welcome to our new and improved PINC website. Our team is working hard (props to Christian and Michelle!) in creating a web-atmosphere that is safe, affirming, and full of true love.

Here’s some new information on this new endeavor we have approached: PINC Magazine is no longer just a magazine – we’re now a full website, with articles as well as resources for you as our reader to access. We were trying to figure out a way to interact with you, our readers and friends, and we thought we’d give this a try. Our actual magazine will be published on the website every 4 months, but our website will constantly be updated with new articles, resources, and more as we work on our quarterly magazine as well.

This is a new journey for our team, and although we don’t fully know what to expect, we are anticipating great things! God is so good to bring us all together through PINC, and I know there is a treasure box full of goodness, ready to be opened. My prayer is that your spirit, soul, and body would be blessed, full of healing and refreshing wind, as you read, ponder, and chuckle every once in a while as you meander through this pretty little window called PINC Magazine.

Love you,

Priscilla Henson


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