How Firm a Foundation: why truth matters

How Firm a Foundation: why truth matters

Sometimes I take it for granted that I was raised in a Christian household.  When you’re home schooled (until high school, anyway), and most of, if not all of, your friends are from church, it’s easy to think that it is the norm.  Then you get into your teenage years, and you meet people who went through really rough times, ultimately finding love and salvation in Christ.

And you love that they have an epic testimony.  And you wonder if you’re as much of a Christian as they…because, really, you were nurtured into this.  And even though you know that you personally know Jesus as Lord, and you know that you are just as saved as that other person, well, it’s easy to downplay the opportunity you’ve been given.

Or maybe that’s just me.

But in any matter, I’ve come to realize what a blessing being raised in a Christian home has been.  Before I go any further, if you completely don’t relate to what I’m saying, keep reading!  This isn’t just for those of us who grew up in the Church — it’s for all followers of Christ.  You won’t feel left out of this article.  I promise.

The key word here is foundation.  Think about it.  Foun-da-tion.  That which gives support.  The base on which something stands.  As a child, I didn’t realize how much of a biblical foundation was being laid in my heart every week, every day.  But now that I’m nearing the end of my third decade of life, I’ve come to deeply, wholly, appreciate those years of teaching and immersion.  Let me tell you, ladies — it is a vital part of the Christian faith.

We all know that Christ is the Rock, the Foundation, the Anchor.  We know this.  I’ve come to love the story that Jesus tells about the wise man who built his house on the rock.  Rains poured upon it, and floods raged, but it stood firm.  He then tells of the foolish man (Jesus doesn’t leave “which man is right” up to our interpretation here) who built his home upon sand.  Rains came down, and floods beat upon his home, and it eventually fell.

One day I was at a stoplight, and lies began to enter my head about how maybe God was waiting for a certain aspect of my character (hint: it was patience) to be perfected before He would open a door that I have been constantly knocking on.  Now ladies, perhaps there are cases where this is true, but in my case, it was a lie.  And how did I know it was a lie?  Because immediately I was reminded that God doesn’t wait until we’re perfect to bestow blessing!  If He did, there would be no need for grace.  He just doesn’t say, “I’ll only give you a gift if you do something really good first.”

A foundation had been built within me so that I knew when God’s character was being twisted.  I cannot explain how important this is.  I drive my husband nuts with how “feelings-oriented” I am, so I’ll be the first one to say I love the emotional and “feelings” part of having a relationship with Christ.

But sisters, we also need a foundation.  Ephesians 4 is awesome.  In it, Paul writes about unity in the Body of Christ, different roles within it, and some specific doctrinal truths.  But in verse 14, he writes this:  As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ…”

If we don’t feed our brains and hearts the truth of God’s Word — who He is, what He has said, who He said you are — we are susceptible to deception and winds of trickery.  It’s dangerous to rely solely on what you hear from God or what feels right.  In order to be truly free, I urge you to study Scripture, listen to sound teaching from those you respect, and build that foundation.

That way, when emotions are high, when lies are at your heart door, and when waves of uncertainty pound on your walls, your foundation of Truth will stand firm.  You will be protected by Truth (check out Ephesians 6 for that one), and you will come out victorious.

Love you, and I’m rooting for you!

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