Influenced – taking back my life

Influenced – taking back my life

Hello ladies,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you, and though I’d love to say it’s because I’ve been too busy or off adventuring or simply needed some “rest time,” the honest truth is that I’ve been a bit lost.  It’s been one of those seasons where I go from day to day regretting that I’m not a better Christian or friend or daughter, yet I’ve been too lazy (yes, lazy) to do anything about it.  Life is good, just not full — know what I mean?

So I’m sorry to have abandoned you.

But I’d like to share with you what I’ve been learning, and how it is helping my mindset to change so that I actually get up and do something!

First, influence.  I’ve come to realize that every day there are hundreds of things and people influencing us.  Some for the good, and some for the not so good, but all very present.  For example, I became influenced by all my peers who were having babies — and I really do mean ALL (there’s something in the water in Oregon, ladies!).  It’s not that my husband and I are trying to have children, but I became more wrapped up in the idea than I needed to.  Not obsessed, mind you, and not even discontent, just a bit distracted from my actual life.  This good thing grabbed my attention at the wrong time.

Are you following?  It’s like I began to let an idea permeate my life rather than the beautiful reality that God has me in now.

Then there is the internet — check your e-mail, catch up on Facebook, browse healthier recipes, and, oh, what’s on Netflix?  The opportunities are endless, and none of them actually bad!  But they are influencing my life, and I must determine how much I allow them to do that.  Is life really all about a clean inbox?  I think not.  With only 24 hours in a day, you just can’t do ALL the good things vying for your attention every day.

All the things around you would have you believe that you should spend your days studying harder or planning meals better or exercising more, but no matter how much studying or cooking or exercising we do, it won’t fulfill us.  You can master that braid you saw on Pinterest, or get your husband to eat zucchini (I won that one, by the way), or make your daughter the best quilt ever, and while those things are awesome, the joy you get from that will fade.  It just will.

As I have experienced. (Although I really do like the quilt I made…for myself).

Which leads me to my second point: these things that seek to influence your life and master your days all want your attention.  But only you choose who gets it.  Does God get your attention?  Does YouTube?  Ladies, there is only one you — what you did with your day today is done, over, fini.  And tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to increase your awareness, as I am trying to do.

It’s fun to be a woman!  It’s fun to play with clothes, hair, makeup, food, and plants!  I don’t want you to give up those things, just to be aware that they will not fulfill you.

When you became a Christian, it’s likely you heard about the “God-shaped hole” we have in our hearts.  You heard about how you will never feel content until God comes and fills that hole.  I personally believe that sometimes we as Christians still try to cram other things in there.  We try to fill God’s hole with something “good” that the world is influencing us with.  But it won’t work.  We flat-out need God.

Don’t ignore Him.  Don’t try to ride the Pinterest or Paleo or Regal Cinemas high — remember that God is your fulfillment, and setting your mind on Him is what this is all about.

It’s good to be back, stepping away from distractions. I love you all.


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