The Way to a Restful Heart

The Way to a Restful Heart

photo credit: sarahlynncreative

photo credit: sarahlynncreative

A few weeks ago at the youth group my husband and I help lead, we did an activity with Scripture.  We gave each of the kids a 4-page handout filled with verses and quotes about the Bible, and then we gave them a bottle of Root Beer.  We all sat around a long table, and one at a time, each person would pick a verse or quote to read out loud.  We would all then raise our bottles, clink them together, and say, “To the Word!”

It’s a fun activity, and we certainly weren’t the first to do it, but our goal was simple: show our group the importance of the Bible.

During that time, one quote in particular stood out to me.  It’s by Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India.

“Have you noticed this?  Whatever need or trouble you are in, there is always something to help you in your Bible, if only you go on reading till you come to the word God specially has for you.  I have noticed this often.  Sometimes the special word is in the portion you would naturally read, or in the Psalm for the day…but you must go on till you find it, for it is always somewhere.  You will know it the moment you come to it, for it will rest your heart.”

Oftentimes the first thing to go when we get busy is reading the Bible.  After all, we think, communicating with God is more important (prayer), and you can do that anywhere at any time.  We also may incorporate reading into our lives via a phone application that gives us a portion of Scripture to read, and sometimes it hits the nail on the head.  But when is the last time you actually sat down, opened your Bible, and kept reading until you reached the part that you know God is speaking to you, instead of saying, “Well, this one didn’t apply today”?

I honestly cannot remember the last time.

Now, this isn’t meant to be a guilt trip.  It’s meant to be encouraging!  How? You ask.  Well, you see, there is hope!

You know all those messages you’ve heard throughout the years about how God’s way of doing things seems backwards?  To be greatest, you must be the least; to be a leader, you must be a servant; to be rich, you must give; and the list goes on.  Well here’s another one to add: to manage a busy life, add something!  Add reading the Bible.

The Word is steady, unchanging, and feeds us words of life.  Sometimes I cannot get my mind calm enough to hear God’s voice, and in those times, I NEED the written word to steady me and fill my mind with the thoughts of God.

I think we all know this.  I think we KNOW that setting aside time with God will help our lives.  But it’s hard.  It’s hard to wake up earlier.  It’s hard to put laundry on the back burner.  It’s hard to stay up later after a long day.  So I say, give it a week.  Talk with your Father, and let Him know that you’re going to sacrifice time this week to be with Him.  He will be faithful.  Just don’t give up.  All I want for you is a more peaceful life, and so does He.

We love you!

-Lindy Lathrop

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