Truth in the Mirror Project

Truth in the Mirror Project

While doing the dishes as a “grown-up”, I was reminiscing of my senior year of college and my life with my two wonderful roommates (who are now my two wonderful editors!) And of all of the good memories we had, one stood out, quite lucidly. You see, Lindy (for those of you who do not know, she is currently our assistant editor) had a small collection of “window markers”, and she would use them to write on our large mirror by the bathroom. Of course, Kristin (currently lead assistant editor – life can be so sweet) and I jumped on this idea and asked for the liberty of using Lindy’s markers to write anything “good” that came to our minds.

“You’re beautiful” (yes, this journey started years ago!)

“You’re amazing” (as simple as this statement can be, it carries real impact)

“You’re gonna change the world” (we were really into this one at the time)

“I love you” -Jesus (or something like that – I can’t fully remember)

We wrote verses from Scripture, inspiring quotes, humorous quotes (not every word required depth), and so many encouraging, affirming statements of truth, facing us in the morning and in the evening, without fail. All that to say, it was slightly cheesy and way too much fun. Most importantly, truth of our identity and God’s thoughts toward us were being blasted into our very beings at least twice a day.

So here’s the deal: the Truth in the Mirror Project.

Anyone who wants to join is welcome to join! All we have to do is purchase a couple window markers (or however many as you desire), walk up to our mirrors, and write TRUTH on it. TRUTH spoken by God, our family, and our trusted friends who may believe the truth about who we truly are more than we actually do. For example, take “you’re smart-” do you believe it? If you don’t, it would be a good one to write, big and bold, on your mirror.

The next thing to do is to take a picture of your newly decorated mirror and email it to (then PINC will upload your photos with your permission).

Why would we do this? To encourage each other, to relate with each other, to laugh with each other, to cry with each other. Sometimes we need to know we’re not the only ones, and many times what encourages you encourages others.

Encouragement means to “put courage into someone, enabling them to fulfill what seems impossible” (a quote from my hubby).

So the Truth in the Mirror project starts today! And you are all invited to join us!

It’s time to start believing the Truth that truly sets us free,

Priscilla and the PINC team

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